Ethraa Holdings is in a unique position to become a delivery orientate black owned and managed technology and services company, the current market is yearning for a partner who has the right credentials, people and is laser focused on delivery

Fully black-owned and 100% black run company: Become a recognisable brand that is appreciated for being black owned but the true success will be yielded from solutions and not only our BBBEE rating.

HDI – Historical Disadvantage Individual (Black, Indian, Coloured)
BYO – Black Youth Owned (Black, Indian, Coloured)

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Through the right mix of technology, solution and advisory offerings we will deliver more over an effective business solution with faster time to value with more enablement and competitive pricing structures that will reduce customer TCO.

Proven Solution & Delivery Capability: Following on the success of sister organisations in our stable that are realising benefits from their investment. Ethraa Holdings envisages to build a brand with strong references across South Africa and ultimately the continent. Ultimately Delivering from offshore destinations in Bangalore and Dubai.

Strong Customer Collaboration: Matching portfolios to client requirement and repurposing strategic asset will ensure customers success coupled with laser focussed delivery to customers at all times.