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A generational shift in thinking has created a more purpose driven society, now more than ever before, where citizens, consumers and businesses make choices on things that improve outcomes for their communities. This is becoming increasingly reflected in government strategy, policy and focus. Governments are taking on a broader mandate for driving outcomes which improve people’s lives, provide for happier lives and improve social inclusion. The impacts of digital have potentially negative impacts on those in society who may be disadvantaged or excluded by sheer access to digital economies.
  • With a higher purpose, governments need to do more; to improve access, to cater for those with special needs and provide a safety net to protect the most vulnerable in our society.
  • For many businesses, consumers for life, is their mantra, but in government citizens are for life. Yet structures, processes, models and data do not support the post digital realities.
  • We are into an era of perpetual disruption, which is having and will have dramatic impacts of the future of industries, companies and markets. It will be the role of government’s and businesses to plan for, adapt and manage the impacts this has on economies and jobs.
  • Citizens and businesses expect government to operate in a digital era, where they are organized and able to deliver the kind of services that meet the needs of their citizens. We have 4-5 generations working in government, as one of the largest employers in many countries, they have an obligation to make sure they employees are best equipped for the future of work and that they deliver upon their mandate to improve people’s lives.
  • Innovation agility means not been constrained by traditional thinking, 18th Century structures and rigid rules on the role of government. Instead the need to leverage the digital realities is key if they are to better serve and protect their citizens.
  • Resource Scarcity has been a recurring theme for many years, yet the next decade is likely to increase the resource challenges for government. Ageing populations, more expensive healthcare, rising structural unemployment, greater security risks and rising service needs, point to a need to radically change our thinking and approach to the looming global economic problems.
  • Social inclusivity is a rising issue of strategic importance.
Ethraa Holdings, was born out of this exponential change in this new digital era that the world and South Africa are experiencing. Our core priority is to provide simple digital solutions using technology at our disposal today to future proof our business and governments. We focus on complex business solutions that drive business forward utilising the most cost effective and greatest returns on investment, whilst at the same time ensuring that we continually minimize the time to value ratio on all investments.

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